Pellerin Milnor Corporation

Milnor: Industrial Laundry Machinery

Milnor is the leading manufacturer in the commercial and industrial laundry machinery industry, and after nearly 70 years of expansion and development, they have maintained our roots. Located in Kenner, LA, Milnor has grown to become the world’s most recognizable name for commercial and industrial washing solutions. At its heart, Milnor is a family company – just like the Herb Fitzgerald Company.

Founded by W.A. Pellerin, wife Mildred, son Norvin, and brother-in-law A.W. “Jack” Walsdorf in 1947, Pellerin Milnor Corporation began manufacturing 20″ extractors. From humble beginnings, Milnor (trade name derived from MILdred and NORvin) gained respect and a valued reputation for durable and efficient laundry machinery.

Milnor machinery ranges in size and purpose and serve a spectrum of markets. They offer washer-extractors from 25-700 lb. capacity, automated tunnel washing systems for processing 7,000 lb. per hour or more, dryers, extraction systems, material handling systems, and laundry computer networks.

Milnor machinery has a proud legacy of durability. The construction quality, material selection, and uniquely-engineered designs across all their machinery lines is why it is common to see Milnor machines in operation for over 30 years.

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