Chicago Dryer Folders

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Chicago Dryer’s folding line includes a large selection of folding and stacking equipment to meet the unique needs of any laundry regardless of floor space, laundry volume or linen type.

Small piece folders are designed to process tumble-dried goods like towels, small blankets, aprons, and gowns.

Large piece folders deliver high-speed primary folding, cross-folding, and stacking of sheets, duvet covers, and large blankets. A multi-lane folding option is available to simultaneously process smaller linen types. These machines can also be outfitted with specialized accumulator to fold and stack small pieces.

If you have a unique item you want folded but are not sure it can be done, do not hesitate to contact the Herb Fitzgerald Company. We will have your product samples shipped for testing to validate the folding quality through the machinery.

Folder Types:
· Small piece folders (towels, gowns, flags, pads, and more)
· Large piece folders
· Blanket folders
· Small piece accumulation

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