Milnor Divided Cylinder / Pass-Through Washers

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Milnor divided cylinder and pass-through washer-extractors provide an enormous amount of wash capacity in a small footprint. These machines are ideal for facilities with high production demands but limited floor space. The StaphGuard® pass-through model is available for facilities where barrier protection is critical. Milnor offers a variety of models and capacities to meet your needs.

Available Capacities:
· 220 – 245, 450 – 500, 650 – 725-lb.

Max Extraction:
· 322, 332, and 292 G-Force

Available Controls:
· MilTouch-EX™

Key Features:
· Spherical roller bearings
· Grease-lubricated bearings
· Hydro-Cushion™ suspension
· Two wash pockets
· RinSave® water saving technology
· AUTOSPOT™ basket positioning
· StaphGuard® pass-through model available
· Larger cylinder perforations
· High Mechanical Action Factory (M.A.F.)
· Single-motor inverter drive

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