Milnor Pass-Through Dryers

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Milnor pass-through, automatic dryers form an integral part of the automated laundry with a batch washer, or they can be utilized to streamline operations with washer-extractors. These dryers create a unique air path to get the most efficient use of hot air. The unique Energy Saver Seal™ keeps air flowing through the goods without escaping around the outside of the basket. A fixed tilt places heaviest / wettest goods nearest the heat entry. Milnor offers a variety of models and capacities to meet your production needs.

Available Capacities:
· 100 – 150, 160 – 280, 230 – 350, 450 – 600, and 600 – 750-lb.

Available Controls:
· Microprocessor

Available Heat Type:
· Gas, steam, thermal fluid

Key Features:
· Energy Saver Seal™
· Fixed tilt
· Automated lint removal systems
· Inverter-driven blower and smooth drive system
· Stainless steel basket

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