Milnor Industrial Open-Pocket Washers

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Milnor industrial open-pocket washer-extractors are ideal for customers demanding high-performance, large capacity washers with a single pocket. These machines can be used as standalone washer-extractors or as part of a hand-off automated system. The tilting feature enables easy sling loading. Milnor offers a variety of models and capacities to meet your needs.

Available Capacities:
· 275, 400 – 500, and 600 – 700-lb.

Max Extraction:
· 300 G-Force

Available Controls:
· MilTouch-EX™, EP-Plus®

Key Features:
· Tapered roller bearings (Front AND Rear)
· Grease-lubricated bearings
· SmoothCoil™ suspension system
· Dynamically tuned suspension
· Two-way tilt
· Extra-large loading door
· Dynamically tuned suspension
· Heavy-gauge steel column frame
· RinSave® water saving technology
· Larger cylinder perforations
· High Mechanical Action Factory (M.A.F.)
· Single-motor inverter drive
· Optional door chute

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