Milnor Gear Guardian Turnout Gear Machinery


Milnor’s Gear Guardian® series washers and drying cabinets offer the perfect solution to meet the decontamination needs of fire departments and other organizations using protective gear.

Gear Guardian® washer-extractors are shipped pre-programmed with cycles created specifically to decontaminate firefighter gear.

Milnor Gear Guardian® machinery complies with NFPA 1851 requirements in maintenance and care of protective gear.

Gear Guardian® drying cabinets protect turnout gear with air drying (instead of tumble drying), while boasting the industry’s fastest dry times.

A variety of models and capacities are available to meet your facility’s budget and processing requirements.

Key Features:

· Tapered roller bearings (Front AND Rear)
· Sealed, greased, or oil-filled bearing housings
· Continuously welded steel plate frame
· RinSave® water saving technology
· Larger cylinder perforations
· High Mechanical Action Factory (M.A.F.)
· Single-motor inverter drive

· Direct and controlled airflow via insertion air tubes
· Stainless steel construction
· Fastest drying cycle of all drying cabinets
· Adjustable shelf rack for flat goods
· Boot and glove rack
· Meets NFPA 1851 code standards

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